Create Secondary Income Streams With the Enagic Compensation Plan

Discover how you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per sale by combining the patented Enagic compensation plan with your Airbnb.

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Are you searching for a way to break free from the limitations of traditional jobs, improve your Airbnb listing, and create a life of financial freedom and flexibility?

Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones, pursue your passions, and create a legacy that will impact generations to come? The Enagic compensation plan holds the key to unlocking a world of possibilities, offering you the opportunity to make money with Airbnb and design a lifestyle on your own terms. By sharing the Enagic products and building a team of like-minded individuals, you have the potential to create a thriving business that generates passive income and allows you to truly create your dream life.


What does Enagic sell?

Enagic is best known for top-of-the-line water ionizers that produce Kangen Water®, a unique and revitalizing form of alkaline, ionized water. In non-scientific terms, the ionizers take regular tap water (which is dead and sterilized) and transform it into living, rejuvenating water.

But, Enagic is about more than just “water filters.” The company offers a line of products that are a catalyst for transformation—a key that unlocks the door to optimal health and vitality.

Experience the difference in your overall well-being as Kangen Water® supports your body’s natural detoxification processes, boosts your immune system, and promotes cellular health.

Imagine starting each day with a refreshing glass of Kangen Water®, infused with essential minerals and antioxidants. Feel the invigorating surge of energy as your body absorbs the hydrating properties of this remarkable water. Before heading out the door, you step into your shower and enjoy a home spa experience, as your Anespa uses advanced filtration and mineral ionization technologies to create a rejuvenating and refreshing bathing experience.

There are even more products you can sell, but for right now, let’s jump into the real reason you’re here … to discover how the Enagic compensation plan can create financial freedom in your life.

what are the enagic products


What is the Enagic compensation plan?

The Enagic compensation plan is so complex that it has been patented. However, to get started, you just need a basic understanding of two core types of sales:

  1. Direct Sales Commissions: Earn hundreds to thousands of dollars for every sale you make as an Independent Enagic Distributor.
  2. Indirect Sales Commissions: Anyone who buys a product from you also becomes an Independent Distributor. When they make a sale, you both get paid!

With each sale, Enagic offers a total of 8 points of commission, which are split between the person making a direct sale and their upline (aka, the people who brought them into the business).

Each point holds a value of $340, dependent on your position within the business model. This means that for every sale, you receive a commission ranging from $340 to potentially $2,040, depending on your rank and placement.


Think of the Enagic Compensation Plan as Pie with 8 pieces.

Depending on your rank in your Enagic business, you get a different amount of the pie. When you reach a certain rank, you get all 8 pieces. When you start, you are 1A (the A stands for Agent) and you get 1 piece of pie. At 2A, you get 2 pieces. At 3A, you get 3 pieces. Keep going … 4A, 5A, 6A, 6A2, 6A3, and beyond.

Advancing in rank requires accumulating a specific number of sales, either individually or as a team. As a distributor, you have the potential to progress directly from 1A (requiring two direct sales) to any other rank once you fulfill the requisite sales volume criteria.

Enagic compensation plan K8 USA


Enagic Commission Chart Graphics

If you’re scratching your head after reading the previous section, here’s a graphical representation of the latest Enagic compensation plan pdf chart.


Enagic compensation plan pdf chart — All Enagic products commissions in USD


The Enagic comp plan offers linear and passive income.

Linear income refers to the earnings you receive in direct proportion to your personal efforts. In other words, when you stop working or providing services, your income flow typically stops as well. Most affiliate marketing offers are strictly linear income.

Passive income is the dream of all entrepreneurs. That’s when you get paid even when you are not actively involved. The proverbial, “make money in your sleep” is an example of passive income.

With the Enagic compensation plan, you get a mix of linear income AND passive income. When you make a sale, you get paid (linear income). When someone you sell a product to makes a sale, you get paid (passive income). Plus, when you reach 6A-3, you get paid a monthly bonus for life — even if you’re not working.

Below is a video that walks you through the basics of how the Enagic comp plan works.


How to triple your success by selling a Trifecta

A trifecta is a package of Enagic’s three main Enagic — usually a K8 ionizer, Anespa home spa, and Ukon DD.

When you start your Enagic business with a Trifecta, you completely skip the 1A lane. That means you become a 2A on your first sale … and earn double commissions on your first sale. If you’re selling a trifecta as your first sale, that means you earn $1,130 instead of $565.

The Trifecta strategy also fosters team duplication and exponential growth within the Enagic compensation plan. When your team members witness your success with the Trifecta, they are inspired to replicate the strategy in their own businesses. This duplication effect leads to a collective surge in sales and commission opportunities, creating a thriving and dynamic team environment.


Enagic compensation plan for a trifecta in the united states USD

Grow your business faster with a Quadzilla

The Enagic Quadzilla takes the Trifecta strategy to the next level by adding an additional product to your setup. It can be whatever you choose (sink-side ionizer, Anespa, Ukon). But, of course, the optimal Qudzilla package includes two K8 ionizers so you have a “loaner” model on hand.

A loaner is a great way to approach local businesses or to share the water without having to disconnect your own machines each time. A loaner help expand your customer base and generate additional revenue through retail sales. This approach not only boosts your earnings but also establishes a strong foundation for team duplication. It’s a lot easier to recommend that team members come on with a Quadzilla when you did the same.

From a financial standpoint, every extra product you sell means you get another commission check. Plus, a Quadzilla counts as 4 direct sales, which helps you get higher up in the Enagic compensation plan.


Trifecta and Quadzilla Video Overview: Enagic Compensation Plan Charts ($USD)

Enagic compensation plan for a quad quadzilla in the united states USD - K8, Anespa, Ukon


An Example of the Enagic Compensation Plan and Enagic Commissions in Action

Imagine you’ve just invested in a Quad – which means you are starting your Enagic business at 2A.

A few days later, your friend Greg is over at your house and has a chance to experience Kangen Water for himself. Greg is so inspired by how he feels (and the money-making opportunity of the Enagic compensation plan), that he decides to buy a K8 water ionizer for himself. If you had only purchased one product out of the gate, you would have earned $340 in commission. However, since you are 2A (thanks, Quadzilla!), you get double that and earn a well-deserved $680 commission for one sale!

Driven by his belief in the business and his genuine trust in the power of Kangen water, Greg starts sharing his experiences and knowledge with others. His efforts pay off when he successfully sells eight K8 machines, leading Greg to earn thousands of dollars in commissions.

Now, here’s where the magic happens.

Greg’s success directly impacts your income as well. Since Greg is in your 2-point franchise lane, YOU receive eight additional checks, sharing in his achievements:

+ $680
+ $680
+ $680
+ $680
+ $680
+ $680
+ $680

= $5,440 in true passive income!

Meanwhile, your bestie, Carrie, is so inspired by your journey that she decides to embark on her own Enagic adventure. She purchases a Kangen K8 water machine from you, which officially bumps you up to 3A. Now, you earn $1020 in commission from her sale … and for any sales that Carrie makes.

In this fictional example, you just earned $7,140 in commissions for making two direct sales. Mind boggling, right?!


Why Enagic Is the Next Network Marketing Megatrend

In the realm of business opportunities, Enagic shines as a diamond among stones. Unlike traditional MLM and network marketing companies, Enagic removes the burdens often associated with such models. No more signup fees, monthly qualifications, or worries about storing excessive inventory. Bid farewell to auto-ship requirements, subscriptions, and annual renewals. And the icing on the cake? There’s no de-ranking in this business! Once you achieve a rank, it’s yours to keep, providing lifelong stability and peace of mind. That’s the power of the Enagic compensation plan and business model.

You can still get in on the ground floor

In a world where knowledge is power, Kangen water remains a hidden gem. While only a fraction of the population is aware of its immense benefits, the vast majority is still in the dark. This presents an exceptional opportunity for you to become a harbinger of change. Imagine sharing the secret of Kangen water with 1,000 individuals, with 999 of them completely unaware of its wonders. The potential is staggering, as everyone drinks water and seeks ways to enhance their well-being and longevity.

Kangen Water is a sustainable product that protects the environment

The global consumption of bottled water has reached alarming levels, with billions of plastic bottles discarded annually. People are becoming increasingly aware of the hidden dangers lurking in their drinking water. Enagic offers the perfect antidote, educating individuals on the importance of Kangen water and providing them with a superior alternative.

Every day, countless individuals visit stores, purchasing bottled water without realizing the harm it may cause. By offering them the gift of Kangen water, you become a catalyst for positive change, providing them with a solution that promotes health and environmental sustainability.

You can use social media to make sales without bugging friends and family

Gone are the days of door-to-door sales, Tupperware parties, and shamelessly bothering people at your BBQ. Instead, take advantage of your social media profile to earn big bucks with the Enagic compensation plan. But, not in a salesy way …

First, post about the things you love. Photography. Family. Feelings. Travel. Life. Etc. When you share your passions authentically, it creates a connection with people. Followers don’t see you as a pushy salesperson. Instead, you are someone they trust.

Then, when you do post about your business, it feels like people are supporting a friend. They will actually reach out to YOU and ask to buy your thing. This is called “attraction marketing” … and it’s the key to growing an affiliate marketing business without being salesy.


Let’s start building your Enagic business … together

Look, I know there’s a ton of info on this page. Right now, your head is either spinning with confusion – or thinking of all the infinite possibilities that come from having an Enagic business. It’s more than just a means to make money online. The Enagic compensation plan is a pathway to living life on your own terms, achieving financial freedom, and making a positive impact on others. With Enagic, you can create a legacy that transcends generations, all while experiencing the joys of personal fulfillment and a thriving business.

The next step is to schedule a free clarity call with me (Greg Goodman). I promise not to sell you anything on the call. Rather, we’ll talk about YOU! What are your dreams, needs, and goals? How can you grow an Enagic business on social media without even talking about the products (if you don’t want to)? And, how can I be there to support you at every step of the way. THAT is what we will discuss on our call.


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