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It’s time to stop relying on word of mouth, Facebook groups, or hoping your dream client magically finds you on page 31 of Google. Your business shouldn’t suffer just because you don’t have a 7-figure marketing budget like Vacasa or Casago.

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The directory is one-stop shop for owners, property managers, and rental service providers to find exactly what they need to grow their rental business. It’s inexplicable that this directory does not exist yet! Yet, here we are … at the forefront of something revolutionary.

Here's the dream for the directory

When someone searches for “property management companies near me,” they find YOUR listing on Page 1 of Google and reach out instantly. The same goes for co-hosts, coaches, interior decorators, photographers, investment opportunities, and more.

The power is in the numbers. As the directory grows, so does its prominence in Google. There’s a reason that Yelp shows up on Page 1 every time you search for a plumber or restaurant.

Join the revolution — let’s co-create the Yelp of vacation rental service companies. Sustained success is just around the corner.

~ Greg Goodman
Founder of Rental Business Hub


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