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Rental Business Hub is a one-stop-shop for property owners and hosts who want to earn a full-time income from their vacation rental … without the headache of doing everything themselves.

Our mission is to empower you with the tools, insights, and resources you need to better serve your guests and make more money with less work.

In addition to a library of detailed guides and amenity reviews, our property management directory (aka, “the Hub”) connects you with every type of service provider you need to grow your rental business. 

Join us on a journey to transform your vacation rental into an experience that keeps guests coming back: time and time again.

Who is this website for?

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Hosts and Property Owners

DIY your way to STR success or browse the Hub and find a service provider to take care of everything for you.

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Property Managers and Co-Hosts

Get more clients by listing your business on the Hub, search for providers to hire, or discover new amenities.

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Rental Service Providers

Promote your business to hosts, property owners, co-hosts, and property management companies.

Your vacation rental business should fuse guest satisfaction and profitability.

Every host aspires to shine in the eyes of their visitors, to bask in the glow of five-star reviews, and to provide stays that linger in memory long after check-out.

Yet, in the pursuit of excellence, many questions linger: How do you consistently enhance guest satisfaction? What’s the secret sauce to turn a one-time guest into a loyal patron? How can you increase revenue and create passive income?

With our guidance and proven strategies, you’ll learn how to strike the perfect balance between hospitality and business acumen.

Your vacation rental adventure should be fulfilling, both personally and financially, and our mission is to make that a reality for you. Keep reading and discover new ways to elevate your vacation rental business and unlock its full potential.


Fill your calendar with repeat guests and get more 5-star reviews by adding two amenities that improve the health and life of your guests … just by them drinking water and taking a shower.

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Find the best vacation rental property management services near you

Ever try to find the best local property management company? Its a like looking for a needle in Google’s haystack! Currently, you either get a list of the same 10 nationwide companies – or, a Yelp roundup.

The same goes for finding interior designers, coaches, masterminds, investment opportunities, and other rental service businesses. It’s time to change all that!

This website features the only STR property management directory to include every type of service provider you need to grow your rental business.

If you have a business that serves the short term rental and vacation rental industry, I’m offering a free listing to help grow the directory. Plus, I’ll even customize the listing page to meet the needs of your business. Click here to learn more and get listed today.

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Find the best property management companies and service providers for your vacation rental. Or, add your company to the list!

True luxury is the art of making guests feel cherished from the moment they book until long after they depart.

Luxury transcends mere amenities; it’s about creating moments that touch the heart. It’s not limited to grand features like private pools and crackling fireplaces; though, those certainly play a part.

Picture a stay where guests are not just pampered but are also enveloped in a sense of care and thoughtfulness. It’s the handwritten note welcoming them, the curated local recommendations that lead to hidden gems, and the warmth that makes them feel like family.

The smallest details can transform an ordinary stay into an extraordinary memory.

We’re here to help you redefine luxury. To open your eyes to the myriad ways you can make your guests’ stay truly extraordinary. From experiences to amenities and beyond, this website offers practical tips and guides for increasing luxury on all levels.

Latest Resources & Guides

Learn how to grow your vacation rental business, keep a full calendar, investment in more properties, improve guest experience, add luxury to your listing, and create passive secondary income streams from your short term rentals.